Light Field Technology


What is Light Field Technology

The high precision optical lightfield inspection system.

Light fields are a fundamental representation for light, which describes the amount of light flowing in every direction through every point in space.

Light field camera capture the light field information, which record sense intensity, color, and directional information


First light field camera was proposed by Gabrief Lippmann in 1908.  By using microlens array, object displacement can be analyzed and depth information can be extracted.

Light Field Image Reconstruction


Existing Surface Profilers vs Light Field Camera

Existing Surface Profilers
Light Field Camera


Advantages of Light Field Camera


  • Single lens design, suitable for direct vertical viewing of small components
  • Provide fast and accurate depth information
  • Fast capture time
  • Extended depth of view compared to conventional vision system
  • Lowest overall hardware cost, can be fitted easily into automatic inspection line