Low Temperatures Nano-Composite Glass Molding

On the manufacturing side, we are working with City University of Hong Kong to develop the world’s unique nano-composite glass that can be moulded at a very low or even room temperature to fabricate intricate high purity quartz lenses with high optical quality and wear resistance than conventional polymer lenses. The technology will revolutionize the traditional hot forming of commercial precision glass lenses which requires costly equipment and dies with complicated manufacturing processes. These nano-glass would replace the polymer lenses used in high-end mobiles, monitors, micro-lens arrays, HMUs, and cameras that can be mass produced at a much lower cost for the next generation of portable opto-electronics devices. Our pilot work has won the 2022 Merit Award of National Disruptive Technology Contest organized by the Ministry of Science & Technology of PRC China. This game-changing technology will alter the entire supply chain of the global optical lens industry.